Mark Saunders Leaves ‘Mark’ On Brunswick County Through Luxury Real Estate Projects

Mark Saunders Brunswick County

Brunswick County, North Carolina is the southernmost region of the state and known for its beach communities and the tourism that comes with it. However, the county was called “home” by about 131,000 residents as of 2017 estimates and all of these long-term residents need a place to stay, too. To real estate developer Mark Saunders, Brunswick County has provided him with countless opportunities to design and build luxury homes for clients. The long road to this achievement has been marked by Mr. Saunders’ commitment to real estate-related ventures. Those efforts would ultimately pay off tenfold, as his continued real estate success in North Carolina — and Brunswick County, specifically — continues to grow.

Before making his mark on Brunswick County, Mark Saunders would have to follow through on school-age dreams of building beautiful homes. The first step toward this life goal would be through attending Virginia Tech to study architecture and business management. In the years after college, Mark Saunders saw Brunswick County for the first time. This area, loved by residents and visitors alike for its natural beauty, also appealed to Mr. Saunders. Once he saw the business potential that this region had, it was time to start building a business that would be able to develop new luxury real estate opportunities. During those first steps, this goal would require Mr. Saunders to work alongside his construction crew. This “day job,” so to speak, was complemented by his nighttime ventures that brought him back to the drawing board. Mr. Saunders would then design the luxury homes he envisioned while handling internal managerial tasks for his growing company. This hard work helped lay the groundwork for the business that would eventually allow Mark Saunders to design and develop luxury homes in Brunswick County.

Fast-forward decades and the “mark” that Mark Saunders has had in Brunswick County is clear. This has been accomplished through Mark Saunders Luxury Homes and The Coastal Companies. Since his luxury homes venture has constructed more than 800 top-notch residences for residents of Brunswick County, Mark Saunders is proud to have had a hand in the transformation of this desirable region of North Carolina. The fact that many of his company projects are positioned alongside golf courses, rivers, islands and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway is an advantage for potential clients. That’s because this type of geography isn’t easily found elsewhere and the work that Mr. Saunders has already completed shows what his eye for architecture can help craft.